Jimmy Pro On Photography

Forensic Foraging offers few ironclad answers but instead poses several salient questions about modern digital photography. Can computer post processing be augmented by basic, throwback techniques which helped to make the medium great in the first place?

Jimmy Pro offers a few terse thoughts. " Art Admin types are always after Statements & Philosophy. Bill Cunningham said: each day I go out and let the street speak to me ... To start with Ideas as one's maps you become immediately reductive and blind ... you got to sniff your way to visual nirvana!"

ABOVE: Sniffing through a desert snow storm. Working in the mountains high above Lida, Nevada, we were forced by worsening conditions, to Forage at a lower elevation. Through the failing light and blizzard conditions, we saw this struggling horse ranch and started shooting. Not exactly the "street" Cunningham had in mind, but a desert nirvana nonetheless.